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Reach & Distribution

Crowdfunding America™ Magazine is published and printed on a quarterly basis and distributed both digitally and through hard-copy to our advertisers, media partners, subscribers, the general public, and much more.

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As pioneers in the Crowdfunding Industry for more than 7 years, our digital magazine will benefit from a targeted audience and social media reach of 100,000 + plus a secondary email marketing reach through our community of over 45,000 + financial advisors, investors, crowdfunding experts, advertisers, sponsors and guest writers.

We will also benefit exponentially through the collective sharing of our advertisers, content providers and featured guests as they promote their ads and articles in Crowdfunding America™ Magazine through their own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media and email contacts. This will expand the reach of our magazine an average of 300X for each of these micro-influencers plus an additional 300X for each of their followers, and so on.

In addition to our digital version, printed copies of Crowdfunding America™ Magazine are distributed throughout the crowdfunding community – financial advisors, investors, clients, etc. - and the general public. Once we are in full-launch, you can expect to find printed copies of Crowdfunding America™ Magazine in many of your favorite places, such as Starbucks®, Whole Foods Market®, cafes, the waiting rooms of Charles Schwab and other financial advisors' offices, incubators, accelerators, colleges, universities, etc.

Throughout our print and digital landscape, we can help you expand your exposure and your ability to raise capital (or acquire new clients) from a new audience of 240 million non-accredited investors and millions of startups and small business owners looking for your help to raise capital.

As an added bonus, a printed copy of our magazine is also handed out to all attendees during registration at the Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention now going into its 6th year. (Visit for information and registration). Attendees include everyone from global crowdfunding industry experts and leaders, entrepreneurs, CPA's, lawyers, creative artists, students, startups, investors, crowdfunding rockstars, members of non-profit organizations, teachers, government officials and more!

  • Full page - $1,500 (includes 25 printed copies)
  • 1/2 page - $750 (includes 20 printed copies)
  • 1/3 Page - $500 (includes 10 printed copies)
  • Biz card - $300 (includes 2 printed copies)
  • Back cover - $3,000 (includes 75 printed copies)
  • Inside cover - $2,500 (includes 50 printed copies)
  • Inside back cover - $2,500 (includes 35 printed copies)
  • Cover/Spotlight article - $8,500 (includes 3-page article,150 printed copies plus a booth and 2 VIP tickets ($6,000 value) to the Global Crowdfunding Convention.